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February 9-10, 2018

Livermore, CA

Tell a Tail L1C and L2I Trials

  • Please submit this form to volunteer at the trial.
  • Note: Due to parking limitations volunteers may NOT have dogs in their vehicles at this trial.
  • Note: Due to logistics competitors may not volunteer during trials they are competing in.
  • You will receive information about your volunteer assignment and schedule 1-2 weeks before the trial.
  • If you have questions about volunteering, please email Jennie: noseygoldens@aol.com
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    Note: You must specify a valid email address. This will be the only way volunteer assignments and details will be sent. The contact phone is only for day of trial contact.

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    Judge's Steward
    Gate Steward
    Score Runner
    Box Setter
    Score Room
    Competitor Checkin

    Job Descriptions
  • Timer: Use a stopwatch to time dogs during their run.
  • Judge's Steward: Give competitors a reminder of the rules before they come to the line, pass score sheets on to the score runner, assist in the competition area as needed.
  • Gate Steward: Make sure the "on deck" dog is ready and help manage traffic flow to and from the crating area to the competition areas. Help competitors remain calm and keep dogs safe.
  • Videographer: Video each competitors runs at an element for the NACSW records.
  • Score Runner: Take score sheets from the Judge's Steward or Judge to the score table. Sheets will need run every 10 dogs or so.
  • Box Setter: Reset boxes that are out of place after each dog during the box drill
  • Score Room: Work at the computer entering score results.
  • Competitor Checkin: Check in competitors as they arrive, direct them to appropriate crating areas, pass along any site rules, and answer other questions.
  • Days Available: (check all that apply)
    L1C, Morning, Saturday, Feb 9
    L1C, Afternoon, Saturday, Feb 9
    L1C, Morning, Sunday, Feb 10
    L2I, Afternoon, Sunday, Feb 10
    Set Up on days I'm working
    Clean Up on days I'm working

    Do you have a canopy that we can use for the trial? If so, please list how many and what days they could be used.